Here are some of the most frequent asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find your topic please click here to contact us. allows a private party consumer access to dealer only information in real-time. Yes it’s true! You received real-time price evaluation of your vehicles worth from our software program that charts vehicles sold through the largest nationwide auto auction corporation. This enables us to give accurate quotes on used vehicles and eliminates the hassles of private party sales or the danger of a trade-in price which in almost every case is under evaluated.

If you don’t mind strangers coming to your door, doing DMV paperwork, getting your vehicle to pass smog, and having to worry about fraudulent cashier’s checks then go for it. At, we take all the hassle and risk out of the process of selling a used vehicle.

Trading your vehicle in to a dealer is not a recommended option. You are relying on the dealers used car manager to evaluate your vehicle. It is in his/her best interest to under bid your vehicle.

We can usually have an appraiser at your home or office within an hour. The appraisal and paperwork can take as little as 20 minutes.

We have selected a business bank that has little or no lines. This enables you to turn your check into cash or a cashier’s check usually within 20 minutes. Or, you could simply deposit our no-hold check and it usually clears within 24 hours.

No. At we have our own in-house DMV department that can handle everything from beginning to end.

As a licensed car dealer we are required to smog the vehicle if necessary so let us do it all.

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