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Sell your car, truck, van, or SUV today. At carstub.com we buy any year, make, model, and condition used vehicle. We are the new marketplace for consumers to sell a used vehicle the safe and easy way. We offer more than a dealer trade-in price without the hassles of private party sales.

You can sell your used vehicle quickly without strangers coming to your door or worrying about fraudulent cashier’s checks. We come to your home or office and handle all the DMV paperwork. Call or submit your vehicles information for a free no obligation offer.

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Sell your car the easy and safe way at carstub

Sell your car the easy and safe way at carstub

Maximize Your Cash

With our real-time price evaluation software based on the largest nationwide auto auction corporations we avoid the danger of under evaluating your car.

Fast but not Furious

We can usually have an appraiser at your home or office within an hour. The appraisal and paperwork can take as little as 20 minutes. Turn your check into cash or a cashier’s check usually takes another 20 minutes.

Minimize the Risks

Selling your car private party or trade-in has a huge potential of different risks and obstacles: Fraudulent cashier’s checks, getting your vehicle pass the smog test, dealing with DMV paperwork etc.

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